May 11

Sunday Commentary: Happy Mother’s Day

In case you forgot it’s Mother’s Day so if you did forget you’ve still got some time to rush out and get something. There is your public service reminder of the week. What a busy weekend for the crew here at IG. First and foremost I was out at a couple shows this weekend. The first being the big Loafer’s Car Club show I previewed earlier in the week. The second show was kind of a fluke. I was driving, saw a pack of classic cars and decided to be a stalker and see where they were headed. Luckily it was only a block or so away when they pulled into another show. I have no idea what club or even where the show was but it was a nice little get together. I’ll have some photos from that show a bit later in the week.


In the meantime let’s do the week in review which has been absent recently. I guess you could say this week was a bit slower then normal for us here. It is to be excepted from time to time. In a way the start of car show season is a huge relief for me because now that regular new content will be coming in I do not have to hunt for videos, news, and any other info that we’ve been doing lately. Hopefully now for the summer these week in reviews will be filled with the original content you’ve come to expect from us.

Nissan Road Trip
Early in the week we brought you coverage from that big Nissan road trip. Filled with Z cars, GTRs, and other assorted Nissan products it was a celebration of all things Nissmo and beyond.
nissan 370 with wing

How turbos work
From time to time we try to be educational here. Sometimes we succeed. Our how turbos work post was very popular. Really that is no surprise seeing as turbos are becoming hugely popular. What’s not to like? Gobs of power, great noise, and a great torque curve.

A measure of the man
Show cars are nice, but race cars are sublime. We love basically any form of racing with wheels and some without. F1 is the pinnacle of racing marrying technology and horsepower in an orgy of sight and sound. Pit stops are of course a huge part of that and a lot of training goes into them. We have a short video from Ferrari about their training regiment.
Raikkonen is pushed back into the garage during practice

I make fun of BMWs
I pride myself in being very open minded about cars. I do love just about anything with a soul. There in lies the problem with BMW. They’ve lost their soul. From fake exhaust noise to “sports” cars with more luxuries then a racer needs they have lost their way. Still a new M3/M4 is a big deal and I wanted to do a post on it. I spent most of it ripping BMW for losing it’s way and then I got emails ripping me for that. I fully stand by my post. Fake exhaust noise is not cool. Ever. Still there is some info about the new M3/M4 in that post so if you are curious check it out.
M3 and M4 profile

The Greatest Sound in the World
While new Ferraris are engineering marvels and lightning fast, old Ferraris are something special. Particularly the 250 GTO which is the stuff dreams are made of. It could be the most beautiful car ever made. It may also be the best sounding car ever made. Well Reno would argue it is. I say a Hemi Cuda gets that title. We’ll agree to disagree. If you are wondering what a sweet 250 GTO sounds like just click the link above.
Ferrari 250

Hopefully after this weekends shows we have some new readers. If so thanks for checking us out and be sure to come back later this week when we will have tons of photos from the shows.
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Until next time. Keep it shiny side up!