Jan 19

Sunday Commentary: NAIAS recap, Dakar, and some musings

Hopefully this edition of the Sunday Commentary finds you all well and having a nice relaxing Sunday. Maybe you are watching some football, or some Barrett-Jackson coverage and decided to take a small break to step into our world of Infinite Garage. It’s the boring season here at IG when car show coverage turns to autoshow coverage as winter is firmly in place across the Midwestern US.
To be honest I do not particularly like doing autoshow coverage because new cars aren’t my thing. Oh sure some new cars like that new Z06 shown above or maybe a Challenger, Camaro, or Mustang are cool. Yeah, I’d gladly have one in my garage but I’ve always felt the heart of Infinite Garage are car shows. That way we are out talking with our faithful readers, see what you are working on, and chatting with real enthusiasts.

Car Guys
I was chatting with a friend the other day at lunch about car guys. We had bumped into a third person who being the car snobs we are we both felt maybe wasn’t a car guy so much as a guy with a car guy car. If I haven’t lost you yet let me go on further. There are people who buy cars because cars are cool. That’s probably everyone reading this right now. Then there are guys who buy a certain car because they think it’s cool to own that certain car. Is there a difference? Probably, but ultimately I don’t think I care that much. I’ve always said everyone is welcome and the car world is big enough for all of us. After that fella left and went on his way my buddy looks at me and says “do you think he bought that car because it’s a cool car? or because he thought it was cool that he owned that car?” That got me thinking about all of this. I really don’t have a point here.
In my younger days I was much more into racing, modifying, and other competitive car things. Ultimately I grew tired of it largely because of the ego involved and the need of people to segregate. Real car guys from none real car guys. Wrenchers, from people who bought their fast cars, etc. So maybe I do have a point. Here at IG everyone is welcome. If a guy has even the slightest spark of car guy in him I want to know that guy. I want to see his car even if it’s a Mustang II, photograph it, and tell his story in pictures. I can’t wait for winter to be over so I can get back out and do that again.

The week in review
Despite the lack of car shows the North American International Autoshow was on in Detroit. We turned out a record number of articles this week trying to do our best to cover all that was new at the show. Plus, Reno was covering Dakar like a boss so that means between Detroit and Dakar we had a ton of info and hundreds of photos for your enjoyment this week.

The big news IMO from Detroit was the new Z06. The baddest Corvette of them all. I don’t play the lottery, but if I did and won the first thing I’d do is head to my local Chevy dealer and order one. It’s a masterpiece of speed, good looks, and awesome. I’m really not a huge Corvette fan but since the C6 launched it’s certainly got my attention.
All new Corvette Z06

Dakar overload!
Dakar is the most demanding race on the planet. High powered desert destroyers blasting through on where with speed and grace. The photos from the event are amazing. We hit Dakar pretty hard this year so check it out.
Dakar 2014
Dakar Stage 9
Dakar Stage 10
Dakar Stage 11

Cadillac ATS
The Cadillac ATS is cool. The ATS Coupe takes that one step further. If you need a midsized luxury coupe then look no further than the 300hp ATS. We think there is a V version coming down the road and here’s to hoping it gets an LT-1.
Cadillac ATS Coupe

Toyota FT-1
Toyota the king of boring cars gave us a nice surprise at the NAIAS this year with the FT-1 Concept. Of course it’s only a concept and they won’t build the thing. Heck it doesn’t even have an engine, but it is still cool.
Toyota FT-1 Concept

Porsche 911 Targa
The 911 Targa is a cool retro concept with new car looks. The car will be on sale soon for a hefty sum but of you want a modern version of the classic Targa this is ii. We have a huge number of 911 fans in our ranks here at IG and it’s easy to see why. I do love a nice Porsche.
Porsche 911 Targa

Kia Stinger GT4
Maybe the biggest surprise of the Detroit show was the Kia Stinger. Kia’s entry into the sports car world is a big deal. It will probably be inexpensive, it is good looking and if it’s lightweight it’s 300hp will be very adequate. I’d say the likes of the Subaru BRZ, and Scion FRS better watch their backs.
Kia Stinger GT4

Subaru WRX STI
We are all fans of the Subaru WRX STI here at IG. Rally inspired performance, generally good looks, and practicality make it a pretty great ride. Now it seems the STI has taken a step back in the right direction of good looks. It got a little out there for our tastes before but the new one is great. Of course we had all the info from the show.
2015 Subaru WRX STI

Ford Mustang
I am pretty sure the most popular car in America is the Ford Mustang. They are every where. Every car show has several, cruise nights, and any place else you find cars you’ll find a Mustang. The new 2015 is pretty good looking and with it’s new suspension that wicked 5.0 engine, and the huge after market support it will garner it’s going to be huge. Future-of-tough
2015 Ford Mustang walk around

Nismo IDX
The wizards at Nissan debuted two new cars in the Nissan Freeflow, and the Nismo IDX. Both try and capture that light weight small car feel. The looks are a bit quirky but at the same time kind of cool. It will be interesting to see if these do make it to production and what kind of effect they have on the market.
Nissan Freeflow Nismo IDx

That’s all folks
I guess I’ll wrap this up as this run of the Sunday Commentary heads across the finish line and makes it’s way down the return lane. One more week of winter is down which means we are one more week closer to car show season. Hopefully the winter blues aren’t getting you too down and if they are just click on our categories tab and check out the event coverage and show section to see gobs of photos from warm summers day of yore.

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Until next time, keep it shiny side up!