May 18

Sunday Commentary: Changing things up

Sunday is running out but I’ve still got time to throw down a quick recap of the week. You have probably noticed I have started doing some tweaking to the look of the site. I still have plenty more work to do so bear with me and any weirdness that may result. In the meantime what an action packed week here at IG and the show season is just getting started.
Of course the big focus early in the week was the big Loafer’s Car Club car show. I am not anywhere near done with that yet so sit tight and this up coming week I will hit it hard again. However late last week things got pretty busy and I just wasn’t able to process the photos I needed to get articles together. In the mean time if you missed anything from last week hit the jump and let’s do the review..

Loafers Car Club Car Show
As I mentioned above car show season is on here in the Midwest. We kicked off our show season in Hannibal, Missouri at the Loafers Car Club Car Show. The show has since moved back down to this historic district and the town was hoping with classic cars.

Loafers Car Club Car Show Part II
I imagine by the time it is all said and done I may have four or five parts from this show. I don’t think you guys will mind if we bombard you with photos of old cars.

The Death of SRT
We brought you the sad news of the death of SRT. Fiat/Chrysler hasn’t fully killed off the brand as SRT will be absorbed by the parent company. However it will no longer be it’s own brand. It is too bad, but not completely unexpected. The good news is we fully expect Dodge to kick out some awesome performance cars in the future. More on those in the article.

Tire blown on the Dyno
If you have added big power to your muscle car or hot rod you’ve probably put it on the dyno. Sometimes things go wrong.
tire blown

Film Friday: Burnouts
Burnouts are cool. If you disagree this just might not be the website for you. May I suggest checking out www.fluffykitties.net or maybe www.Idriveapriusandsuck.org if you don’t like burnouts. Those places are surely the pace for you. For the rest of us, we posted a video of awesome burnouts.

Old School Hand Lettering
Before fancy computers, printers, and vinyl lettering it took real talent to letter a car. Reno hunted up a pretty cool video showing you how it’s done old school.

That will wrap up this week here at IG. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping bye, and tune in for more high octane car porn.
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Until next time. Keep it shiny side up!