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Mar 19

Viper TA vs ZR1 Round Two

SRT Viper vs Chevy Corvette

Some fights are just legendary, Ali vs Fraser, David vs Goliath, and of course Viper vs ZR1. The Dodge Viper and Chevy Corvette rivalry goes back as far as the Dodge Viper. Late last year Motortrend took a whole bunch of super cars to Laguna Seca for a big battle and the Chevy Corvette ZR1 …

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Jan 30

Wallpaper Wednesday: Winged Viper

W’eve got a modern hot rod for today’s wallpaper. Even though the new Viper is an impressive vehicle, I think I’ll always prefer the looks of the second generation GTS variant. Hit the jump for some wallpapery goodness.

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Jan 03

2013 Viper hits the dyno

SRT Viper on dyno

The folks over at Edmunds put the new 2013 SRT Viper on the dyno to see if this snake lives up to the hype. Turns out it does. I’ll let the video do the talking so hit the jump for the full video and be sure to check out what I think is the coolest …

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Dec 26

Year End Awards: Best Sports car over $30,000


As our year end awards move on we search for the best sports car over $30,000. First let’s define the category which I think is easily done with a quote by our own Reno who said something to the effect of “these are the cars you buy to go fast…..supercars (Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, etc) are cars …

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Sep 27

Chrysler fleecing dealers $25,000 to sell the new Viper

Chrysler is probably the least business savvy of the big three which is why they are nearly constantly on the verge of collapse, or atleast it seems that way. So what they have done is create a masterpiece in the new Viper and after building tons of hype for the car they have decided to …

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