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Jul 29

Hungarian GP Recap – F1 2013

Romain Grosjean Hungarian GP 2013 © Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.

Hot weather and aggressive driving were the topics of conversation after the checkered flag dropped on the spectacular Hungarian GP.  Hit the jump for pictures and our thoughts on the wild weekend in Budapest.

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May 24

Film Friday: Tyrrell P34, the strangest car to race Monaco.

The streets of Monte Carlo have seen every iteration of Formula 1 car over its illustrious history.  From the cigar shaped racers of the fifties to the modern aerodynamic marvels of today, Monaco has pushed cars and their teams to the limit.  Hit the jump for a brief look at one of the strangest cars …

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May 24

Film Friday: How to – Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is the most glamorous and prestigious Grand Prix on the F1 schedule.  Every driver wants to win at Monaco.  Nelson Piquet, who came in second place multiple times, claimed that a win at Monaco was worth two anywhere else.  Perhaps he was right; hit the jump to learn the secrets of …

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May 13

Formula 1 2013: Spanish GP Recap

Circuito de Catalunya hosted the fifth round of the 2013 Formula 1 season and unsurprisingly there were complaints about tires, latin verve, and some solid racing.  Hit the jump for our completely biased recap and an opinion or two about the race.

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Apr 26

Film Friday: F1 vs 24hrs of LeMons

Marussia F1 vs 24hrs of LeMons

Formula 1 is the pinnacle to automotive engineering.  24hrs of LeMons is perhaps the pinnacle of automotive ingenuity.  Hit the jump for a pair of time lapse builds from both series.

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