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Mar 30

Sunday Commentary:

I’m writing this Sunday Commentary on the brink of Monday. It’s late here in the Midwest and my action packed weekend kept me away from IG for most of it. Being Sunday and seeing as spring is showing itself here in the Midwest I hope you were able to go out for a drive. I …

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Mar 23

Sunday Commentary: Hope Springs eternal.

This week’s Sunday Commentary is coming to you a bit later than normal if for no other reason but it has been a busy day. Busy week in fact. I am glad to stay my car event schedule is filling up quite nicely with the first get together only a few weeks away. I am …

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Mar 16

Sunday Commentary: Phil Collins can shut up anytime now

There is a an old Phil Collins song where the lyrics say “I wish it would rain down.” Well he got his wish here on an later winters weekend where it seems every place a major automotive race is occurring it is also raining. Why does Phil Collins hate racing? I suppose the rain delay …

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Mar 09

Sunday Commentary: Slow week

If you have been tuning in all week you know things were a bit slow around here. It is the reality of late winter. I’ve exhausted most of my photos from last year and there is nothing new going on for a little while yet. Trust me no one wants to be busy editing photos …

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Mar 02

Sunday Commentary: oh look it snowed again

March is here but you could hardly tell it sitting at IG HQ. Luckily the snow wasn’t nearly as bad as it was supposed to be, but another day of shoveling is not exactly how I pictures my first Sunday of March going. Still it means one day closer to car show season and that’s …

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