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Jan 29

How F1 Suspension works


F1 cars are technological marvels. With the latest engineering, composites, and the need to squeeze every hundredth of a second out of all it suspension technology in an F1 car is nothing short of amazing. Caterham F1 has put together a cool video explaining the challengers they face when setting up a car, and also …

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Jan 29

Gas Mileage Primer : Part 2

Times are hard. Money is tight. Today we show you how to to get more miles out of your tank with maintenance and modifications on your daily driver.

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Jan 22

Gas Mileage Primer: Part 1

Times are hard. Money is tight. Today, we’ll show you how to get the best bang for the gallon by changes in maintenance, modifications, and most of all how you operate your car. With the high price of gas today a lot of people are putting up the fun car for a gas sipping daily …

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Jan 09

The Carbon Fiber of a Koenigsegg-Video


Carbon fiber is every where and for good reason. It’s light and strong. With new manufacturing processes the price is coming down too. In the next five to ten years basically every car will have carbon fiber in it. For now it’s reserved for sporty type vehicles and of course hyper cars use it extensively. …

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Jan 08

Tech Tuesday: Intakes part 2

We pick up where we left off on intakes from last Tuesday. We finished with throttle bodies last week so logically it’s time to move on to manifolds. Intake Manifold The next stop on our trip towards the engine is the intake manifold. There are three factors that determine if a manifold is helping or …

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