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Aug 24

Hull Picnic Part Two: Hot Rods, Roadrunner, and some Chevy Power

We head back to the Hull picnic for more chrome wheeled, high horsepower, photographic action. We have a little something for everyone from hot rod lovers to Chevy fans and some Mopar. Words are few, pictures are many for this post so hit the jump for your daily fix of gasoline powered pornography.

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Jul 13

Big Classic Cars

Every one looks back and thinks all those old classic cars were so big and heavy but the fact is cars like the Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang were quite small back then compared to their bloated counterparts. Just imagine how fast those new ones could be if they weren’t so fat? However …

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Jun 20

Chevelles, Camaros, an IH, and a Plymouth Wagon more from Cruise Night

69 Camaro Convertible

I’m still plugging away on cruise night coverage and while plowing through some pics I found a lot Chevelles. Now it’s no secret why Chevelles are hugely popular they look great and go like hell. It’s the tride and true recipe for a collector car and it’s a pretty good way to get a picture …

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Apr 07

Sunday Commentary:the return of the Chevelle, Stingray Convertible #1, Camaro to go upmarket?

Plymouth hot rod

With the weather heating up things have been here too at IG. While I was gone all weekend on business I sort of did not have time to write the Sunday Commentary. So here it is a little late. The car world was reasonably quite this week as is to be expected this time of …

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Feb 23

US Postal Service Muscle Car Stamps

It seems these days the news about the Postal Service is all bad. Let’s be honest though they have a lot going for them. Cheap shipping prices, locations every where, and awesome muscle car stamps. Yep, they’ve added cool forever muscle car stamps to the line up. I’m not a stamp collector, but I just …

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